According to European standard EN365:2004, personal fall protection and rescue equipment must be submitted for periodic inspection at least once every 12 months. At Cresto Group, we use the term annual inspection to simply remind you that the inspection should be done every year. If the equipment is subjected to excessive wear or is used in tough environments, it should be inspected more often.

Each user is responsible for checking their equipment prior to use – the so-called daily inspection - but the annual inspections must be performed by a Competent Person. A Competent person is trained and certified by a manufacturer or an accredited partner. 

We have experienced and authorized staff performing annual inspections on personal fall protection and rescue equipment as well as fixed fall protection systems. We do this at our servicing workshop in Helsingborg or/and on-site at our customer's locations.


If your equipment is not approved during your annual inspection, you can in some cases service and repair your equipment. Then we replace components that are worn such as the rope, instead of having to buy a whole new product. However, keep in mind that it is lifesaving safety products we work with so in some cases, we have to discard the equipment and thereby offer you to buy a new one. But we always try to do as best to minimize the impact on our environment and our customer's budgets.


To be able to provide inspections and service worldwide we have certified partners to make it easier for you to inspect your equipment as local as possible, as well as minimize our impact on the environment. Our partners have the possibilities to carry out annual inspections at accredited servicing centres but also on-site at customers locations.

Two service technicians preforming an annual inspection at Cresto Group


To make an annual inspection with us in Helsingborg, we ask you to fill in the pdf below and send together with your products.

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Thanks to our Inspection database, Inspector, you don’t have to keep track of when the annual inspection of your products and fall protection systems is to be carried out. Register your products and systems, document the inspection and get reminders before the next examination.

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Inspector interface on desktop, smartphone and tablet