Self retractable lanyards (SRL)

Self retractable lanyards (SRL) is a self-retracting and self-locking lanyard that limits a fall to a maximum and is a good alternative to a 2 meter fall arrest lanyarda. We offer SRLs with webbing or wires and in different lengths.


Self Retractable Lanyards (SRLs) are an essential part of any fall protection system, connecting the anchor point with the safety harness to ensure maximum safety. Think of them like seat belts for working at heights, with built-in braking mechanisms that activate in the event of a fall.

Cresto Safety offers a wide range of SRLs to suit your unique situation and work needs. With so many options available, you can rest assured that you'll find the perfect SRL for your job. Don't compromise on safety - choose one of our reliable and high-quality SRLs for peace of mind while you work at heights.




What is a Self Retractable Lanyard (SRL)?

A Self Retractable Lanyard (SRL) is a self-retracting and self-locking coupling line whose braking mechanism in the event of a fall is activated and slows down the force to harmless levels.


What are double Self Retractable Lanyards?

Double fall protection SRLs have two ropes and hooks, which are connected using a special adapter or carabiner. The SRLs work separately and adjust their position automatically using a swivel and built-in mobility in the adapter. The solution provides maximum security when the user needs to move between different points and at the same time be anchored.


What should be considered when the SRL is to be used in corrosive environments?

One should use a durable SRL made of steel and aluminium, clean it thoroughly after use, ensure that it is thoroughly checked by someone with more in-depth knowledge, and ensure that inspections are carried out at shorter intervals.


What should be considered when the SRL is to be used indoors or outdoors?

The most important thing is to choose an SRL that is adapted to both the task to be performed and the conditions in which the task is to be performed.


Should the SRL be permanently mounted or mobile?

As a rule, the SRL itself is mobile but can be connected to fixed fall protection systems consisting of rails and cables.


Can the SRL be used if there is a risk of falling over a sharp edge?

Not all SRLs can be used in such situations, but there are special SRLs that have been tested for sharp edges and are suitable for the purpose.


Should the SRL have a rescue function?

Not all SRLs have a rescue function, but some winch SRLs do.


What is a tape SRL?

A tape SRL is a fall protection SRL with straps, which makes the equipment light and user-friendly fall protection.


What is a wire SRL?

A wire SRL is a fall protection SRL with steel wire, suitable for work in industry and tougher environments where more robust fall protection is required.


What is a winch SRL?

A winch SRL is a fall protection SRL with a winch, which can be used both for lifting up and lowering weight. Some winch SRLs also have a rescue function and some can, in combination with a bracket, be placed on a tripod when no fixed anchoring point is available.


When should a connection line be used for the SRL?

A connection line can be used to extend the connection point at the back of the harness, to facilitate anchoring in horizontal fall protection SRLs located above the head.