Empowering Safety: Cresto Safety's Game-Changing Solutions Unveiled at HUSUM WIND 2023

As the anticipation for HUSUM WIND 2023 builds, Cresto Safety proudly presents a trio of groundbreaking safety and evacuation solutions that are set to transform the wind energy landscape. Let's delve into the remarkable features and benefits of RESQ RPX, Fusion Pro Wind, and Smartline X, and discover how they not only elevate safety but also redefine the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for height workers and industry professionals.

RESQ RED Pro X (RPX): The New Standard for Rescue and Evacuation

The RESQ RPX stands as the epitome of rescue and evacuation innovation, embodying over two decades of industry expertise. Engineered to be intuitive and user-friendly, the RPX is designed for easy use across diverse industries and extreme environments. From high-altitude evacuation to deep shaft lifting and advanced rescue operations, height workers can depend on the RPX's verified performance.

At the heart of RPX's design is its ability to handle a wide range of rescue scenarios with ease. With a maximum descent distance of 255 meters and a capacity of 280 kg, the RPX instils confidence even in the most challenging circumstances. Its universal power tool interface opens new doors for heavy lifting, enabling lifting from as far as 255 meters. This level of versatility ensures RPX's applicability across a variety of scenarios, minimizing the need for multiple specialized tools.

Furthermore, the RPX's single-sided design enhances operational efficiency. With all features located on the front side, valuable seconds are saved – no more twisting and turning the device to confirm readiness. Thanks to its clear and permanently engraved laser-printed data and pictograms, users can operate the RPX with precision and confidence, eliminating the risk of confusion during critical moments.

The Total Cost of Ownership Advantage: The RPX is engineered with durability in mind. Its design and components are built to withstand the harshest conditions, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Additionally, its intuitive design minimizes the training required for proper use, decreasing TCO associated with training certifications and retraining.

CRESTO Fusion Pro Wind: Elevating Standards For Wind Turbine Techs

Height workers in wind turbines demand a safety harness that's as robust as the challenges they face. Enter the Fusion Pro Wind 1138, a safety harness meticulously crafted to tackle the unique demands of wind turbine technicians. With an ANSI certification and robust components, Fusion Pro Wind redefines safety in this specialized field.

Ergonomics and comfort lie at the core of Fusion Pro Wind's design. Adjustable belts along the webbing ensure a perfect fit and its innovative weight distribution guarantees comfort during physically demanding tasks. The harness's fire-ready front connection point and self-luminous rear anchorage make it suitable for a variety of scenarios, from emergency evacuations to low-light work environments.

The Total Cost of Ownership Advantage: Fusion Pro Wind's ANSI certification and robust components extend its lifespan to 10 years (+ 2 years in storage), minimizing replacements. Its ergonomic design enhances user comfort, reducing worker fatigue and potential injuries. These factors contribute to a lower TCO over the product's life cycle.

Fusion Pro Wind Harness
Smartline X
Smartline X Vacuum

RESQ Smartline X: Redefining Personal Evacuation Excellence

In the realm of personal evacuation, Smartline X stands tall as a pioneer of innovation. Boasting the title of the smallest and lightest personal evacuation solution, Smartline X's capabilities are anything but diminutive. With a maximum load of 140 kg and a descent distance of 200 meters, it's the embodiment of confidence in extreme environments.

Smartline X's versatility is underscored by its unique vacuum-packed RESQ Quick Access system. This feature ensures that the equipment remains moisture-free, minimizing wear and tear, and extending its longevity. The Aramid rope's incredible strength-to-diameter ratio and heat resistance over 480°C position Smartline X as a resilient solution even in the face of unforeseen challenges, such as sudden fires.

The Total Cost of Ownership Advantage: The innovative vacuum-packed design of Smartline X not only extends the product's lifespan but also reduces the need for frequent maintenance. Inspections are a relatively quick and simple process and are required to take place every 12 months. Its durability and minimal training requirements contribute to a lower TCO, making it a cost-effective choice for organizations.

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At Cresto Safety, we don't just focus on innovation. In today's economic climate, we also understand the importance of delivering quality-assured solutions that are cost-effective. Keeping a focus on your Total Cost of Ownership allows Cresto Safety to develop and produce solutions that deliver long-term value, enhanced safety, and unparalleled peace of mind.

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