USA Wind Technicians: Join the Brothers Keepers Tour in Abilene, Texas

Calling all Wind Technicians in Abilene, Texas! We are excited to invite you to the Brothers Keepers Tour on June 9. This exclusive event focuses on bringing together the wind community, safety solutions from Cresto Safety, and all the latest innovations from the wonderful world of wind energy. Register now to engage with the Texas wind community and elevate safety in the industry!

TCGM Tour: STL, Texas



Morning Session: Meet Up at a GWO Certified Training Centre

Kickstart your day at a safety training centre at the Brothers Keepers Tour hosted at the renowned Safety Technology USA Training Center. This is the place to gain valuable knowledge and skills and ensure your safety at heights in the wind energy sector. This facility holds GWO (Global Wind Organization) certification, guaranteeing quality up-to-date training and facilities.

Immerse yourself in interactive sessions and practical demonstrations led by industry experts. Learn the latest safety techniques and best practices that will empower you to tackle the unique challenges of working at heights in wind turbines. Discover how to optimize safety protocols and protect yourself and your colleagues from potential hazards.

Experience the Cresto Fusion Pro Wind 1138 Harness

During the Brothers Keepers Tour, you'll have an exclusive opportunity to explore the cutting-edge Cresto 1138 harnesses specifically tailored for Wind Power Technicians and crafted with Swedish Excellence. These harnesses are engineered to provide unparalleled comfort and uncompromising safety, enabling you to perform at your best while staying protected in challenging environments.

Discover the innovative features of Cresto firsthand. Experience the perfect fit, ergonomic design, and robust construction that ensure your utmost comfort and security. With Cresto, you can trust in the reliability and durability of your safety equipment, giving you the confidence to excel in your work.

Unleash the Power of Wind Energy

The Brothers Keepers Tour also celebrates the dynamic world of wind energy. Gain insights into the latest advancements, innovations, and trends shaping the industry. Engage in discussions with fellow Wind Techs, sharing experiences and knowledge that will contribute to your professional growth.

Connect with industry leaders and experts who are passionate about driving the wind energy sector forward. Discover new opportunities, forge valuable connections, and stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry.

Afternoon Session: 201 Mesquite Event Centre

Following the training center visit, join us in the afternoon at the lively 201 Mesquite Event Centre. It's time for the Grease Monkey Meetup - an opportunity for Wind Technicians to connect, share experiences, and enjoy some well-deserved refreshments.

Food and drinks will be provided, creating the perfect environment for networking and building relationships within the Wind Tech community. Additionally, be sure to check out the merchandise and, most importantly, enter the giveaways. The event includes a chance to win some incredible prizes, including the highly sought-after Cresto Fusion Pro Wind 1138 harness!

Register To Attend

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to engage with the Wind community, improve your safety knowledge and harness the power of wind energy as part of the TCGM Brothers Keepers Tour in Abilene, Texas on June 9.

Learn about the GWO-certified Safety Technology USA training centre, ensuring that you are equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques to excel in your role as a Wind Technician. Discover the comfort, reliability, and durability of Cresto 1138 harnesses, designed to safeguard you while working at heights in wind turbines.

Join us at the Brothers Keepers Tour and connect with fellow Wind Technicians, industry professionals, and experts who share your passion for safety and wind energy. Together, let's create a safer and more productive future in the wind industry. Register now to secure your spot!