Rescue training

If you have basic fall protection training, you can participate on a rescue course. The rescue training is aimed at those who want or need knowledge of how to save themselves or a person in need in case of an accident. We also offer more advanced rescue courses designed to fit the equipment and method used by the company.

Our rescue courses are taught by professional height and rescue workers who have long experience of working at heights. It is important for us that you, as a customer get the knowledge you need to handle challenging situations and potential accidents at your workplace. We can customize the courses according to your equipment requirements.

At our rescue courses, we dive into details of risk analyses and rescue plans. When working in a fall hazard environment, a risk analysis should be made describing existing risks and risks that may arise during the work. The analysis should also describe how risks can be eliminated, or minimized. The risk analysis shall be documented and understood by the persons concerned. There must also be a rescue plan for each workplace describing the appropriate rescue procedure.