Rope access training

At Cresto we can offer you training in Rope access to develop your work in hard-to-reach locations. We also have the opportunity to conduct the course at your location. We offer certification and courses within SPRAT and ISO Rope Access. With ISO Rope Access, we can customize our courses to your specific environment, giving you a good starting point for quick and easy access to work.

Rope access is a working method that enables safe work at high altitudes and in hard-to-reach locations. Industrial rope access was originally developed from climbing in caves in the late 1970s. Rope access is today used primarily for service, maintenance and inspection of industries and real estate. Rope access workers hang vertically in their harness. You climb up and down the ropes to perform the work. For longer work a sit-board can be used to increase comfort. The rope is used to prevent falls, however, a backup system is always used as additional security.

Industries and property owners have begun to see the benefits of industrial rope access more and more. It can often be a more cost-effective and quick and easy way to perform maintenance and service work. If you work with service or maintenance in hard-to-reach locations, rope access can be something for you.