Fall protection training

In the field of construction work there is a requirement to prevent falling hazards at altitudes of 2 meters or more. If collective protection systems are not possible, personal protection shall be applied. It is important that the equipment is adapted to the work and it is the employer's duty to meet employees with the right training and equipment. With our fall protection training you get the knowledge needed to work safely and efficiently at heights.

Our fall protection training are aimed at those who work in construction, industry or telecom. The courses are basic and require no prior knowledge. We make sure that the training is designed to your needs and challenges.

Our fall protection courses maintain high quality and, as a comprehensive supplier of fall protection and rescue solutions, we can ensure that our customers' needs are met in the best possible way. The courses can be designed to you and your company's needs and we have instructors around the Nordic countries available for training on-site with our customers.