Fall arrest kit

If you are looking for a complete fall protection kit for roof work, different types of mobile work platforms or more simple general industrial fall protection then this is the place to look. All kits are also supplied with a strong storage bag for easy and safe transport to and from the work site.

Cresto Safety has extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in working at heights safety, which is why we created this range of Fall Arrest Kits tailored to different industries.




Why do I need a Fall Arrest Kit?

It is a simple and safe way to get a well-thought-out combination of products that are compatible with each other.


Why are there several different types of Fall Arrest Kits?

Depending on the task, work conditions vary, which means that needs vary. This requires several combinations to choose from. If you feel unsure, you can always contact us or one of our resellers for advice on what would suit your job.


Should I create my own kit using a combination of products?

Our ready-made packages are carefully assembled to provide a good and safe basic combination of products for a specific purpose. If you wish to create your own combination of individual products and feel that you need help, you are welcome to consult with us or one of our resellers.