In 2003 Cresto Group began a journey and created the world’s first vacuum-sealed rescue device. The vacuum pack protected the life-saving equipment from hazards and carried a 10-year lifespan. Listening to our customers working with wind power, we learned that the wind turbine assets run on a 25-year lifecycle. Together with our suppliers and our extensive industry track record, we have now furthered improved our vacuum pack. The extended lifetime (15+15 years) means we can offer cost efficiency as well as minimizing our environmental footprint by 50%. Read more about our packaging solutions below.


Rescue equipment faces two main storage problems, which may result in severe consequences in case the rescue equipment is used in an emergency. Condensation can form due to changes in air temperature, and this can cause the equipment to corrode. Furthermore, vibrations can abrade and weaken the material.

The vacuum pack ensures that condensation or moisture cannot appear inside the bag and cause corrosion. Furthermore, the vacuum guarantees that the components cannot move around, and therefore, they don't abrade. Additionally, an unopened vacuum package is also both easy and quick to inspect locally, which gives the customer the chance to make significant cost savings in connection with the annual inspection. As the vacuum package is unique, there is no comparable or better solution on the market.


We have applied a new Quick Access solution to our Vacuum Packs. The result is a smaller and softer pack that opens by tearing along the opening seam. Quick Access has been applied to all of our vacuum and vacuum+ packs.

Aluminium rescue box with vacuum pack and original box red box with Vacuum packed rescue equipment


Guarantees a product lifetime of 10 + 10 years. After ten years, Cresto Group or a Certified partner conducts a 10-year service, and the lifetime extends for another ten years. The equipment has a total product lifecycle of 20 years.



Guarantees a product lifetime of 15 + 15 years. After 15 years, Cresto Group or a Certified partner conducts a 15-year service, and the lifetime extends for another 15 years. The equipment has a total product lifecycle of 30 years.



We have combined two fantastic solutions and can now offer Smartline X in our original patented vacuum pack – now customized for Smartline X. By packing the equipment in vacuum, moisture cannot be present in the package. It’s also impossible for the rope and other components to be worn or rubbed against each other. As long as the Smartline X Vacuum pack remains intact, the equipment has a 10-year lifespan.