Work positioning lanyards

A work positioning lanyard is a lanyard with a rope grab that follows the user either manually or automatically depending on the model. It then automatically locks in case of a fall.

When using a work positioning lanyard, the rope should always be stretched, you're "supporting" yourself on it.


Work Positioning Lanyards are a crucial element of any fall protection system, providing workers with support and the ability to work safely at heights. Our Work Positioning Lanyards are designed to be both easy to use and highly adjustable. Your safety is of the utmost importance, which is why our Work Positioning Lanyards are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and external forces, ensuring that they will support you when you need it most.

We offer a range of Work Positioning Lanyards that provide both support and cushioning in the event of a fall. For your piece of mind every product is designed to meet industry standards.