GWO Working at height & Manual Handling

GWO WAH and MH is a combined course where you get a compressed variant of GWO WAH and GWO MH. Both GWO working at heights and Manual Handling are developed bu the Global Wind organisation and is and industry standard in wind power

  • After approved course a certificate will be provided
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The goal is that the participant has knowledge of prevailing laws and standards for work in wind turbines and understands the importance of a good safety plan, risk analysis and rescue plan. Knowledge of what happens in a fall and how personal fall protection equipment is used. The participant must understand how the work in a wind turbine can be simplified and performed in a way that reduces the load on the body.

Target group: Everybody that works withing the windpower industry. Previous knowledge: None Period of validity: 2 years Course length: 16 hours (2 days) Instructor: 2
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