As part of our commitment to safety and expertise, Cresto Safety Partners are required to be certified, ensuring that all equipment handling, training, and servicing are performed by qualified professionals. Whether you are an existing partner or aspiring to become one, your journey starts here.




  1. Submit an Enquiry: Use this form to express your interest in specific training sessions. Here you can highlight your location, and preferred evaluation dates and provide contact information.
  2. Connect with a Trainer: After submitting your enquiry, a member of our team will contact you to confirm the details of your chosen training.
  3. Collaberate: We will provide a formal training application for competion. We will collaborate closely with you to schedule a convenient date and location for your training, ensuring all prerequisites are fulfilled.
  4. Prepare for Evaluation: Should any specific Cresto Safety products be necessary for the training, it is essential to purchase these beforehand.