At Cresto Safety, we are committed to delivering the highest level of service and support, ensuring our brands and products meet the utmost standards of quality and safety. Our goal is to provide responsive after-sales care that you can rely on.


In compliance with the European standard EN365:2004, all personal fall protection and rescue equipment requires a periodic inspection at least once every 12 months. To ensure the ongoing reliability of your equipment, please arrange regular inspections and servicing by Cresto Safety approved service partners.



Enhance your safety management with Inspector, our web-based platform that stores your personal fall protection and rescue product documentation, alongside training records and certificates. Register your products in Inspector to receive a 2+1 year warranty and annual reminders for your equipment's inspection.



Your feedback is crucial as it helps us understand your needs and refine our products and services. At Cresto Safety, your satisfaction is our priority. We care deeply about safeguarding workers. From Technicians to Business Executives – we value your opinion and appreciate your insights. Your feedback drives our continuous improvement, helping us serve you better in the future.



The quality of our products is of highest priority. 

We care about you, your business and your clients and value your opinion and feedback on our products. 

Thanks to this feedback we are able to improve our service to you in the future.


To facilitate your case, we would like you to do as follows: Always contact our customer support to create a case before sending your products. It might be we decide you should keep the products at your site. Download the Return & Complaint form, and fill in with as much detail as possible.


The form can be filled in both physically and electronically. Please note that without this form we cannot handle your complaint. Please add pictures of the product, the problem and the label showing part number and serial number if possible. Send the form to:


We will contact you to discuss the issue and decide if you should send the products concerned back to us, if you should hold on to the products for future inspection, or, if you should scrap the product locally. Once we have analyzed your claim, we will either replace the faulty products or come to some other arrangement with you. Please note our general terms and conditions regarding the sales of our products. If we decide you should send the products back to us the address is:

Cresto Safety s.r.o.
Partizánska cesta 89
974 01 Banská Bystrica

Please note: We will not deal with returns or complaints sent to us without a completed claim form. We will contact you when we have received the products and looked at your case. If you want to read more about our return and complaint handling, please read our general terms and conditions of sale.