Welcome to CRESTO, where Swedish innovation meets industrial expertise. These safety solutions are expertly crafted to provide comfort, practicality, and protection, addressing the essential needs of height workers. The range features a comprehensive selection of harnesses, lanyards, and energy absorbers, all meticulously designed with your safety as the foremost priority.

Above the bustling city streets, on top of a wind turbine, or on the side of a mountain gondola. Wherever your job takes you, focus on the task in comfort and confidence wearing a CRESTO harness. Manufactured in Europe and designed in Sweden, our equipment meets and exceeds agreed safety standards. When you go to work with CRESTO, you go Beyond Compliance.


When you work at height, every second counts and every detail is crucial. Cresto Safety is committed to driving innovation. Our aim is that every CRESTO product not only meets but surpasses industry-approved safety standards.

Our goal is simple: to keep you safe, comfortable, and performing at your peak. We aim to deliver peace of mind by ensuring you return home satisfied after every work shift.

Count on CRESTO to keep you safe, comfortable, and secure, no matter how high the stakes.


In Sweden, safety is more than a concept - it's a commitment. Embedded in our legislation, technological advancements, and manufacturing practices, this dedication shapes the development and production of CRESTO safety solutions.

Experience unparalleled comfort and reliability with CRESTO's extensive range of harnesses, lanyards, and fall protection gear, all manufactured in our state-of-the-art European facilities.

Thanks to our strategic partner distribution network, we respond promptly to market demands. Cresto Safety's efficient logistics ensure timely access to the essential equipment you need.


Understanding customer needs, as well as being certifiably safe, CRESTO products are also designed to be supremely comfortable, enabling height workers to perform optimally throughout long workdays. While "comfort" is often a buzzword, for Cresto Safety, it signifies meaningful innovation, particularly in the design of CRESTO harnesses.

Beyond typical solutions like padding thickness or elastic webbing, the true breakthrough in CRESTO harness comfort lies in the angle of the webbing. This crucial aspect is not only visible - it's palpable. To fully understand its impact, you have to experience the smooth, angled webbing firsthand, feeling how it contours to the body and evenly distributes weight.

When you wear a CRESTO harness, you'll immediately acknowledge how the webbing adheres seamlessly to your shape and size, and you'll appreciate the ergonomically positioned buckles and adjusters that effortlessly allow for a custom fit.



Whether you're a site manager who occasionally wears a harness

or a turbine technician user who relies on one for hours at a time,

CRESTO delivers on both safety and comfort.


The Premium Economy Series

  • ︎Simplicity without compromising on quality and sturdiness.
  • Our CRESTO webbing NordGuard™, and components maintain the same high standards as all CRESTO products.
  • The economically smart solution for situations where the harness will need to be replaced due to contamination from paint, oil, or epoxy.

Perfect for construction and industrial workers

  • ︎Designed for great comfort for those who work on roofs, construction sites or platforms on a regular basis.
  • When it comes to comfort, it’s all about the angles and directions of the webbing, as well as the placement of buckles and adjusters.

Our flagship product line tailored for the energy sector

  • ︎Designed for height workers who are climbing towers and poles, even in the harshest environments.
  • Developed together with our end-users within the energy sector over the last 30 years.
  • Easy to use. Easy to wear. Hard to replace.

Top of the line for dedicated users

  • Our most flexible range
  • The harnesses all have smart features like multiple adjustment points, unique support functions, glow in the dark D-rings, stainless steel buckles etc.
  • For example, one of the models is designed specifically for heightworkers working in wind turbines.


When it comes to crafting webbing for harnesses, the key factors to consider are reliability, durability, and comfort. That's why Cresto Safety developed NordGuard™.

Our unique webbing is exclusive to the CRESTO range. Engineered to surpass industry standards, NordGuard™ ensures your protection in hazardous working environments. Plus, thanks to a bespoke method of weaving, NordGuard™ has a smooth surface, allowing workers to wear CRESTO harnesses comfortably for extended periods.

NordGuard™ is meticulously crafted with a double-layered design, effectively doubling the resilience of standard webbing. This sophisticated weaving process weaves two layers into a singular, robust structure, significantly enhancing the harness's longevity and performance.



NordGuard™ Specifications:

  • Strength: 38 kN
  • Double the strength compared to industry averages, which range from 18-22 kN.
  • Designed for Extreme Conditions: Tailored to withstand the rigors of the most challenging environments.


Sustainability isn't just a concept at Cresto Safety - it's a commitment.

CRESTO products, crafted for longevity and safety, are designed with the future in mind. From the durable polyester and polyamide fabrics to the sturdy steel and aluminum metals, this range is built to last.

The ethos of sustainability - endurance over time - is embedded in our product's core. NordGuard™ webbing exemplifies this, offering not just strength but also enduring performance.

At Cresto Safety, our focus is on creating products that stand the test of time, reducing the need for frequent replacements and reducing waste. CRESTO products are safe, reliable, and sustainably smart.



CRESTO harnesses set the benchmark for longevity. This range consistently outperforms, delivering double the usable life compared to others in the market. Beyond recycling, Cresto Safety invest in sustainable design and enduring quality, aligning with our mission to offer solutions that last.

Our promise? A full decade of guaranteed protection. With a recommended service assessment after 10 years, Cresto Safety will extend that assurance, securing an additional 2 years of reliable service. The CRESTO standard is simple: sustainable, safe, and sound for the long haul.