Power Ascender

The course gives the participant knowledge of working with a motor-driven rope ascender. The course may vary in length depending on the participants work environment as well as their needs and the complexity that the task requires. Feel free to contact us before the course so we can customise the training to your needs.

  • After an approved course, the participant will be issued a certificate
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To learn how a power ascender work and how to use it safely in a specific environment depending on the participants work situations.

Theoretical elements

  • Laws and standards
  • Case Factors; what strain can be imposed on the human body
  • Fall protection system according to EN 363:2008 and its classification
  • Anchorage points
  • Risk assessment and rescue plan
  • Work Preparation

Practical elements

  • Planning of the work
  • Risk assessment and rescue plan
  • Use of Power Ascender
  • Anchorage points
  • Installation of rope
  • Climbing the rope with the power ascender
  • Using descending equipment together with emergency kits
Target group: For those of you who work as telecom workers and wind power technicians. It's important that the participants have previous experience working with ropes. Previous knowledge: Fall Protection Basic, Speciality course Rescue Period of validity: 3 years Course length: 8 hours (1 day) Instructor: 1
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