Extend the lifetime of your rescue solution

15 October 2020
We want to remind you that you can extend the lifetime of your rescue solutions withan extra 10 years, which gives your rescue solution a lifetime of up to 20 years in total.

A few years back we offered our customers the opportunity to extend the lifetime of our RESQ RED Pro and DD rescue and evacuation devices. Our RESQ solutions, packed in the original patented vacuum solution has dominated the world wide market for the last 16 years with over 100 000 sold equipment to the wind industry.

We have a long track record

Our history, knowledge and innovative solutions when it comes to rescue solutions for height technicians within wind power, energy and telecom have made it possible to be amongst the first, as early as 2014, to offer a 10-year service with an additionally 10 years extension to the lifetime on our vacuum-packed rescue solutions, RED Pro MKI, (delivered 2003-) and RESQ DD, (delivered 2014-).

We have worked methodically with extending the lifetime of our solutions throughout the years. The first upgrade and extension were done in 2006 when we offered a 4 years extension to the 6 year lifetime on our vacuum packed solutions. In addition, the lifetime was extended with another 10 years in 2014 in connection with the 10 year service and after exchanging the textile based components.


For us it’s important to offer premium solution that in a long-term perspective is cost efficient and lower our carbon footprint, in terms of manufacturing and fully replacing perfectly good equipment and solutions.

Versions of our rescue solutions

To the right you can see what versions of RED Pro and DD that can get additionally extension of their lifetime. In case you currently have a first or second edition device you can still get a good deal from us when upgrading to a new device. All you have to do is send your old one to us. For more information and instructions, please contact our customer support.

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RESQ AG 10 from PSA or RG10 from MITTELMANN

Delivered: 2003-2004

10 Year Service: No


Delivered: 2004-

10 Year Service: Yes


Delivered: 2009-2011

10 Year Service: No


Delivered: 2014-

10 Year Service: Yes

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