GWO Sea Survival

GWO Sea Survival is a module that is adapted for work on offshore wind turbines. During the course, you will gain knowledge in using survival suits, handling of and disembarking between the boat and the wind turbine as well as theoretical and practical knowledge about survival at sea.

  • After an approved course, the participant will be issued a certificate
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After completing the course, the participant should be well aware of how a transfer between port, boat and WTG is done. The participant should also be aware of how evacuation by helicopter and with evacuation equipment to the water is done.

Theoretical elements

  • Laws and regulations
  • Hypothermia and drowning
  • PPE and additional equipment
  • Procedure between port-boat, boat-WTG, boat-boat and back.
  • Man overboard
  • Survival skills in water

Practical elements

  • Transfer to boat and back
  • Transfer to WTG and back
  • Man overboard
  • Rescue with helicopter
  • Swiming in a survival suit
  • Swiming in group
  • Exercise with raft
Target group: For those who works as wind-power technicians offshore and are at least 18 years old. Period of validity: 2 years Course length: 8 hours (1 day) Instructor: 2
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