GWO Manual Handling Refresher

This training is a refresher of GWO Manual Handling.
Ergonomics is important in all professions, and in a WTG environment, we have several difficult situations that require good ergonomics. In Manual Handling, we focus on work that can be done in a way that reduces the load on the body.

  • After an approved course, the participant will be issued a certificate
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Have a good understanding of how work in a WTG environment can be simplified and performed in a way that reduces the load on the body.

Theoretical elements

  • Laws and regulations
  • Anatomy
  • Hazards and risks associated with lifting and using your body in an incorrect way
  • Plan your task
  • Injuries
  • Lifting techniques, Aids

Practical elements

  • Lifting techniques
  • Posture
  • Solutions to simplify work
Target group: For those who work as a wind-power technician and are at least 18 years old. Previous knowledge: None Period of validity: 2 years Instructor: 2
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